Prairie State Winery: Fruits/Desserts
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Prairie State Winery



Our Fruit Wines are all made seasonally. Give us a call for the most current selection!

Prarie State Winery makes local wine with Illinois grapes. Sol is an old style sherry made with illinois grapes and brandy.

Cherry Anyone?

Prarie State Winery makes local wine with Illinois grapes. Bacio di Sole port wine with brandy chocolate.

Bacio di Sole

prairie berry

Prairie Berry

We've had many requests and have finally gotten around to making a Cherry wine.  After tasting this wine, you'll understand why we apologize for taking so long!  Made with 100% Michigan tart cherries.  
Our sweet, luscious
port is a cross between
a ruby and tawny
style, Both fruity and
complex. Try with chocolate
mousse. Can't sleep?
Try port!
You couldn't jam any more berries into this wine if you tried! Loaded with blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Like a triple berry pie. Try a' la mode!

$13.99 or $11.89 cs

$14.99 or $12.74 cs
$14.99 or $11.89 cs

cranberry wine


honey apple crisp wine

Honey Apple Crisp

Prarie State Winery makes local wine with Illinois grapes. Elderberry wine was featured in the 1944 Cary Grant, Priscilla Lane movie "Arsenic and Old Lace"


100% Cranberry wine. Fruity yet tart. Perfect with poultry, especially Thanksgiving dinner!
Enjoy our award-winning
Apple wine sweetened
with local honey
and a pinch of cinnamon.
Serve chilled on warm
fall days and warmed on
cool fall days.

A Prairie State classic!
This old fashioned
favorite has such a
unique berry flavor.
Serve nicely chilled.

$13.49 or $11.47 cs
$13.99 or $11.89 cs

$13.99 or $11.04 cs

apple wine

rhubarb wine

pomegranate wine



Pomegranate -UNAVAILABLE

Sweet yet crisp like biting into a juicy apple! Sourced from local orchards and tweaked with just a hint of cinnamon.

$12.99 or $11.04 cs

An old-fashioned favorite! Made entirely of Crimson Red rhubarb, this sweet wine is sure to please.

$13.99 or $11.89 cs

Made of 100% US grown pomegranates, this semi-sweet fruit wine is healthy and delicious!


$13.99 or $11.89 cs



Prairie Pumpkin

Pomme Buble

A tart and refreshing blend of Cranberry and Apple wines.


$13.49 or $11.47 cs

Made of 100% Pumpkins and infused with all of your typical pie spices. Enjoy chilled when it's warm out and warmed when it's chilly out!

$13.99 or $11.89 cs

This semi-seet sparkling apple wine is the perfect toast of the Holiday Season. Great with appetizers and pairs especially well with cheese!

$15.99 or $13.59 cs