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Prairie State Winery


There are several things we are doing at Prairie State Winery to fulfill our mission statement, “Be good stewards of the land, the grape, the community, and the consumer.” The following are some examples of how we try to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” :

Reducing energy use

  • 1.8 kW Skystream Wind Turbine offsetting energy use in production facility
  • 100% compact fluorescent light usage in tasting room, production, and bottling facilities
  • High efficiency radiant infrared heat system in production and bottling facilities
  • Utilizing locally grown grapes and products to reduce transportation C footprint

Reusing materials

  • Repurposing existing buildings instead of new construction
  • Providing discount incentives for customer to reuse our natural craft wine boxes
  • Encouraging reuse, through discount incentives, of a fabric six-pack wine bag
  • Utilizing used wine equipment from wineries moving up in size


  • Strong recycling program of all glass, plastic, cardboard from our business as well as
    neighboring business
  • Composting all grape and fruit material into our vineyard ecosystem
  • Purchasing post-consumer recycled paper for all printed materials


  • Although grapes from our vineyard make up a small portion of our total production, we are proud of the effort we make to grow organically. We enjoy (or endure) all the critters, birds, and insects that make up our vineyard ecosystem

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