' Production - Prairie State Winery


ProductionStraining unaged wineGetting ready to process some white wine grapesFilling barrelsReceiving a new shipment of barrelsWhite wine grapes ready to be choppedNouveau 2018Selection of our fruit winesA stack of barrels ready to be filledWe have a wide selection of wineJust look at all of that wineOur many awardsWhite wine grapesDon't worry, we're not breaking any child labor laws :)Cleaning is an important part of the jobMerlot grapesHarvested chardonnay grapesThey're ready to be processedStarting the processCloseup of white wine grapesProcessing Cabernet Sauvignon grapesRaking red wine grapesSauvignon blanc grapesFilling massive red wine vatWe really love our job!Filling barrels with MerlotIt's hard to call it work when you love it this muchLabeling the wineCorking the wineCome out to one of our wine tastingsOur wines are sensationalMerlot macerating
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